Tungsten Carbide Blasting Nozzle

Tungsten Carbide Nozzle Picture

Tungsten carbide blasting nozzle mainly used for painting works and denim surface oil drilling, aircraft, ships, automobiles, bridges, construction, railways and other areas treated, rust. Quality metal core, the nozzle and nipple tightly connected, making tungsten carbide blasting nozzle in the rust process more useful to produce higher quality steel; internal structure to enhance the impact of the nozzle and the water flow eruption eruption spread increasingly uniform; rust nozzle sprinkler nozzles and accessories to improve the internal structure, reducing the liquid because the energy loss caused by the unrest, which occurred at a higher impact appearance.

The method of manufacturing a nozzle tungsten carbide cemented carbide powder after mixing with a binder, kneading is repeated, and then placed in an injection molding machine to obtain a blank, placed in a three polyethylene dissolved, degreasing, and finally into the vacuum sintering furnace into a finished product. Advantages of this method are: a strong abrasion resistance, high ejection stability and consistency, thereby reducing the high degree of crystallinity, improved flexibility, impact resistance, heat sealing filler compatibility and performance of this method so that the nozzle long-life, while effectively reducing the production cost. This manufacturing method can effectively solve the existing nozzle stability and consistency is poor, short life problems.