Tungsten Carbide Pulsed Nozzle

Tungsten Carbide Nozzle Picture

Tungsten carbide pulsed nozzle for oil drilling, compared with ordinary nozzle, ROP increased by 10 ~ 77%, single drill footage increased by 10 ~ 48%, the drilling technology to a new platform, access to significant economic and social benefits. Since the pulse nozzle cavity than imports and exports, using traditional methods can not suppress sintering powder metallurgy, and the use of powder metallurgy production principle, no welding production process, the product as a whole, durable and highly efficient.

Tungsten carbide pulsed nozzle principle is different from the jet flow of the water within the chamber section of the nozzle, the two upper and lower reflecting surfaces hit, hit the surface of the beginning of the reflected pressure wave and the downward movement phase of the pressure wave is equal to the water formed wave superimposed with the lower surface of the reflector is hit by jets collide, resulting in strong shear stress circular, cut into the jet of the high instantaneous water bombs alternating vacuum forming, the vacuum generated in the high-pressure, high velocity water bombs discharged form a discontinuous flow of the water ejection, continuous power to overcome the shortcomings of the existing continuous small-jet nozzle, to improve the instantaneous impact force of the jet spray distance and the effective energy of the jet reaches the bottom of the water when.