Tungsten Carbide High Pressure Nozzle

Tungsten Carbide Nozzle Picture

Tungsten carbide high pressure nozzle with a high temperature, corrosion, abrasion resistance, high stability, high-quality finish, long life and other advantages, can be widely used in high and low pressure cleaning, high pressure spray, high pressure spray drying and other fields. Tungsten carbide high pressure nozzle having a high liquid ejection energy for ejecting droplets of a uniform distribution results, the liquid distribution is generally parabolic, the edge shooter type surface was tapered to ensure uniform coverage of overlap can be ejected. High pressure water jet is the energy change with the simplest form of the application, when the high-pressure water jet impact force greater than the adhesion and surface dirt, and dirt will be stripped away, and therefore particularly suitable for surface cleaning and so need to have some impact, uniform liquid distribution and other purposes.

More types of nozzles, a wide range to choose from, in general degreasing and washing process nozzles, can choose a strong impact jet nozzle: the "V"-type fan nozzle that example, the spray angle 60 ° for the best, has a large impact force; but can use an atomizing nozzle phosphate process is good, fine water particles uniformly, the impact of the weaker centrifugal nozzles: the "Z" type that is conical nozzle as an example their best work distance from the nozzle to 40cm ~ 50cm, with a dispersed, so that the role of liquid spray atomization. Nozzles arranged on the nozzle, can be used in parallel and cross two forms of channel type, vertical cross arrangement, spray better.