Tungsten Carbide Spray Nozzle

Tungsten Carbide Nozzle Picture

Tungsten carbide spray nozzle has good wear resistance, long life, is the key determinant of coating efficiency and coating quality. When the paint, the paint atomization, flow, spray rate by the geometry of the nozzle, with the pore size determined by the accuracy of machining. Select the nozzle and its technical parameters has become the key painting is one of the coating efficiency and coating quality assurance of the most effective means.

Tungsten carbide spray nozzle type:

 1. Standard Nozzle

The most widely used standard nozzle, the nozzle opening was olive, oval spray pattern, many models of this nozzle, the spray pattern width of 150mm to 600mm, the paint discharge amount (0.2 ~ 5.0) L / min, even up to 10L / min or more, to meet the needs of a variety of spray, which is called the equivalent diameter of the nozzle diameter, the so-called equivalent diameter refers to the opening of the nozzle diameter was olive, equivalent to the same amount of spray paint circular opening of the nozzle diameter.

2. Circular Nozzle

Circular nozzle is mainly used for spraying pipe wall and other narrow areas. Circular opening of the nozzle, as a round spray pattern. Press paint spray volume from (0.26 ~ 3.60) L / min have a variety of models, according to the angle of the conical spray is usually divided into 40 °, 60 °, 80 ° are three more common use is 60 °.

3. Self-cleaning nozzle

Self-cleaning nozzle has a reversing mechanism, when the nozzle is blocked, can be rotated 180 ° blockage obliterated, this nozzle has two kinds of spherical and cylindrical to cylindrical self-cleaning nozzle is used.

4. Adjustable nozzle

Adjustable nozzle has an adjustment plug, can not stop the machine in case, be adjusted discharge amount and spray painted graphics width, to meet the different sizes to be coated spraying requirements. An adjustable nozzle can replace more than 10 different specifications of the standard nozzle, but also easy to remove the blockage.