Tungsten Carbide Oil Nozzle

Tungsten Carbide Nozzle Picture

Tungsten carbide oil nozzle mainly used in the oil and cooling water slurry erosion of the drill work. According to the drilling of the geographical environment of different designs using different water flow that water hole size and shape. Depending on the drill bit and interchangeability requirements for use with and without threads of two sub-threads, which non-threaded carbide nozzles are used in the cone bit, but carbide nozzles threaded application on PDC drill bit. According handling tools (wrench) have different cross-type points (four slots), Y-shaped (3 slots), six square, within six square, plum-shaped and other five.

Tungsten carbide nozzles are processed using precision machinery and carbide materials. In the processing Tungsten carbide nozzles, we do precision grinding and surface treatment, in both the entrance has a radius of curvature of scientific design, which can ensure smooth passage of the thread. Because of the bulk material processing, no elevation in the borehole relative to the ruby nozzle clogging is easy to bend and has improved. Sintered Tungsten carbide nozzles are straight holes and mounds to heat hot hole due to its high hardness, low density, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, has been widely used Tungsten carbide blasting nozzles and the shot peening apparatus, ensure that the product in the best long-term use of air and abrasives.