Tungsten Carbide Nozzle CWS

Tungsten Carbide Nozzle Picture

Tungsten carbide nozzle CWS is an important part of the CWS burner. Depending on the requirements of the quality of the atomization, the nozzle used in different forms. According to the nozzle atomization, Tungsten carbide nozzle CWS can be roughly divided into four categories: Pneumatic, rotary cup, mechanical, and ultrasonic. Tungsten carbide nozzle CWS is characterized by high hardness, high elastic modulus, good red hardness and low coefficient of linear expansion, but also with acid, alkali, and good oxidation resistance and other characteristics. CWS erosion at low angles, the Tungsten carbide nozzle erosion rate is much smaller than the metal material, its anti-erosion performance to be much higher than the metal nozzle.

CWS is a coal-based fuel flow pattern through the atomized efficiently burning. In order to effectively burn coal-water slurry fuel, the key is good fuel atomization. CWS combustion in the organization, good atomization nozzle can reduce the fineness of coal-water slurry droplets, thus shortening the ignition distance CWS for CWS fire, burning provides a good foundation. Tungsten carbide with high hardness, good anti-erosion performance characteristics, is the preferred material is currently CWS nozzle. Tungsten carbide nozzle CWS have good atomization characteristics, stable ignition and combustion characteristics of a better and higher combustion efficiency; has a good anti-blocking performance, long-term continuous operation; has a longer service life; has a more low air consumption rate; suitable spray angle and range; load regulation performance within a certain load range, nozzle atomization performance remains good.