Tungsten Carbide Porous Nozzle

Tungsten Carbide Nozzle Picture

Tungsten carbide porous nozzle cylindrical injector has a plurality of holes, whereby the air is blown to form an air flow fan. Using high-pressure jet of the porous nozzle to improve spray characteristics, a more homogeneous mixture, but also shorten the time corresponding mixture formation. Inside the nozzle aerodynamic design, effectively reducing the air resistance runtime, ensuring nozzles to reduce operating noise and air consumption and also can get high airflow momentum.

Single-hole nozzle axis of the working fluid in the nozzle position after round jet stream is being sucked out of the fluid surrounding the. Different single-hole nozzle, the nozzle geometry of the porous structure is relatively complicated arrangement of the nozzle outlet in a particular manner, exit jets from the multi-strand composition of the working fluid. Compared with conventional single-hole nozzle, the area in the same ratio, the porous nozzle can increase the working fluid and the fluid to be sucked in contact area, thereby accelerating the exchange of energy, reducing the hose length and size of the pump, the pump efficiency .