Tungsten Carbide Fan Nozzle

Tungsten Carbide Nozzle Picture

Tungsten carbide fan nozzle using heat treatment process, the overall high hardness, life expectancy is several times the stainless steel is widely used in washing cleaning, spraying, cooling, lubrication, dust control, fire protection, and other aspects of space and local humidification. Characterized by a tungsten carbide fan nozzle to produce high impact solid stream or fan spray jet angle of 0 ° -110 °. Spray nozzles such uniform distribution, the droplet size is small to medium. When the overlap requires a number of spray nozzles, spray tapering spray edge has a characteristic such that the coverage area of ​​distribution.

Spray angle refers to the angle of dispersed atomized liquid, even for the same nozzle, it also has a variety of spray angles can be selected for the specific needs of different customers, but even the same nozzle, at different pressures, the spray there will be a slight difference angle. Under normal circumstances, in the case of mounting height, constant pressure spray angle increases, its coverage is greater. Spray coverage is mainly affected by the height of the spray nozzle mounting angle and other factors, the other parameters are fixed at the nozzle, the nozzle spray angle, the more its wide coverage; mounting height of the nozzle is higher, the wider the spray coverage. Spray environment acid, alkali, high temperature, low temperature.

The flow size of tungsten carbide fan nozzle spray is mainly affected by the pore size, pressure and the like. In general, the pore size of the nozzle holes, the greater the flow rate; under the same pore size, the greater the pressure, the flow rate will increase subsequently. In addition, the flow will be affected spray medium, the same aperture, under the same pressure and flow rate increases with reduced viscosity media.