Tungsten Carbide Atomizing Nozzle

Tungsten Carbide Nozzle Picture

Tungsten carbide atomizing nozzle compact structure, small size, easy to install, can produce solid stream or flat fan spray pattern with high impact. Tucarbide atomizing nozzle of a spray device consists of a cap composed of an air cap and fluid can provide two kinds of fan spray pattern and the circular, and has a wide range of flow rates. The inlet connection of the nozzle body has a variety of sizes, for the most commonly used pipe. More interchangeable nozzle assembly, which provides the flexible nature of a spray to obtain different properties. Fine droplets produced by the spray nozzle, the surrounding environment can play an excellent humidifying effect. This series of nozzles are ideal places require effective humidity control. Generally used in wet blasting, air humidification, chemical processing, chemical spray, pill coatings, smoke evaporative cooling, sterilization, component cooling, spray wax fruit, glazed tile, liquid spray, tobacco humidification.

Tungsten carbide atomizing nozzle spray drip generated distribution, droplet size is small to medium. From the center to the edge of the spray shape tapering spray angle from 0-110 degrees, when the need to overlap a plurality of spray nozzles requires a 25% -30% overlap of the spray zones to the entire coverage area of ​​the spray direction of the distribution uniform. Users may need to spray the area, you can choose different angle of the nozzle flow and spray, spray manifold composition.

Atomizing nozzle is a spray liquid can be ejected, and uniformly suspended in the air in an apparatus. It works by internal pressure, the internal liquid squeezed into the nozzle, the nozzle is placed inside a piece of sheet iron, liquid high-speed flow impact on the iron sheet forming atomized particle diameter of 15-60 microns after the rebound, and ejected through the nozzle outlet.